Welcome to George Washington High Schools' 75th Anniversary Reunion website. We hope that you enjoy the site as well as the events planned to celebrate our alma maters' 75th birthday.  George Washington High School opened its doors on August 4, 1936. Since then, GWHS has educated some of the finest students in the world. 
George Washington High School opened on August 4, 1936 to serve as a secondary school for the people of San Francisco’s Richmond District. The school was built on a budget of $8,000,000 on a site overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. The lobby is decorated with murals by Victor Arnautoff in the "buon fresco" styles. They depict scenes from the life and times of George Washington. The stadium, auditorium, and gymnasium were added in 1940. The school was formally dedicated on Armistice Day of 1940. The accomplishments of its students in various fields of academics, athletics, leadership, and extracurricular activities have given George Washington High School an outstanding reputation among California high schools. The school was also used in an episode of the hit TV series "The Streets of San Francisco". Maureen McCormick plays a teenage hooker attending the school. There are two scenes showing the school and its view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The episode was in season five.

Don't be surprised to learn that you have walked the same halls as some of the finest artists, actors, politicians, singers, athletes, authors and more. All of these outstanding alumni call George Washington their alma mater.
We will keep you updated on the event planning, which is being done by Eagle volunteers in their area of expertise.  We will continue to feature Eagle "celebs", as we are doing on Facebook.
We will begin our celebration on Friday August 26, 2011 with a "Meet/Greet Karaoke.  Saturday August 27, 2011, we will dine and dance the night away as we cruise around the San Francisco Bay.  The Grand Finale will be a Potluck Picnic at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park on Sunday August 28, 2011.  This is going to be a "Family Affair".  There will be row boats, paddle boats, in-line skates and bicycle rentals available.  
We will have a page on this site on which you can fill out a short bio.  This will be printed into a Reunion Book.  We will have a number of photographers, and finally a DVD to keep the entire event forever.
We hope that you are as excited as we are about our alma maters Birthday.  We are working feverishly to get exact locations, prices and times posted.  
You will, also, be able to purchase your tickets here, on this site.
The EAGLES ARE GETTING READY TO LAND IN SAN FRANCISCO!  We will keep you posted... until then....GO EAGLES!

                                                                      Reunion Motto
                                          VICTORY OVER VIOLENCE...EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

Betty was a Flight Attendant on American Airlines Flight 80 out of Boston on 9/11/01. Betty coutacted ground crew and gave detailed information. Read the account here on this site.


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